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Mount Vernon, NY, August 30, 2013 - When Mayor Ernest D. Davis announced a new program designed by EVT Educational Productions would be coming to the city to provide a Youth/Community Outreach Project there was excitement about bringing transferable training into the city. EVT intended to provide exposure and training in film and TV studio production and editing, studio operations, and related areas, as well as computer graphics/graphic arts, on-line web fluency, web site construction, and eventually web and mobile applications design to Mount Vernon youth.

"We were aiming to bring good, quality programming to the city and thankfully, we had the support and participation of pioneers in the industry," said Mayor Ernest D. Davis. "That support has grown and currently we are preparing to offer our young people a unique opportunity beginning this fall."

After eight months of planning and outfitting space provided by the city, Eric Tait, Jr., President of EVT, the media production company he originally founded in the city in 1992, is ready to launch its new initiative by late September with the introduction of a young and up and coming talent from the community.

"What we will focus on is the areas in film and production that so many in our community, especially our young people are interested in," said EVT President Eric V. Tait, Jr. "Alexis Grier, a talented young video and film producer with a commitment to mentoring, will be providing film training to the city's young people for our new Media Magic at the Doles. We already have computers and dubbing equipment to help facilitate the editing needs of the youth Ms. Grier will be working with initially."

Grier attended UCLA's Screenwriting Program and later graduated from the Los Angeles Film School. She has worked on such television shows as MTV Super Sweet 16, Are You Kidding Me, Once upon a Prom and the 2008 BET Awards. Upon coming back to the Mount Vernon area, she founded the Four Squared Film Program specifically to work with young people.

"Collaborating on this training program with an experienced journalist and documentarian like Mr. Tait at the Doles Media Center is such a huge plus for our students and our program" said Ms. Grier. "It gives us an operational home with built-in mentors right here in our own community. I believe that Four Squared Film Program supports the mission of EVT Educational Productions' purpose because Four Squared intends to give students a creative outlet allowing them to express their emotions in a healthy and creative way. It also teaches them the importance of teamwork, leadership, social interactions, the ability of thinking strategically and other important life skills that are extremely vital in our community."

Renovation work on the Doles Community Center is still ongoing but the Media Center will nonetheless make its facilities and equipment available to Four Squared that will not conflict with any other Camera or Graphic Arts training programs being conducted at the Media Center.

The Four Squared after school program will offer 2 hour sessions, 2 times per week for 12 weeks. Mount Vernon middle and high school students interested in the art of filming can sign up for the program at the Doles Community Center.

For additional information please contact AlexisGrier at

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