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MEDIA MAGIC EVTED@theDoles is a collaborative initiative of EVT Educational Productions, Inc., and the City of Mt. Vernon, New York. It’s a synergy of shared resources, personnel and space that provides the community, primarily young people, with a variety of media training and exposure. In this capacity, our Program functions as an umbrella, magnet and incubator where combinations of like-minded entities with similar goals and missions can come together, collectively or individually, to fulfill their creative objectives. Our core principle is not only to provide our service to this community, but of equal importance, beyond any hands-on training or media exposure is the nurturing of the entrepreneurial spirit, which encompasses any skill-sets or collaborative efforts needed to produce income-generating products, Cooperatives or Companies.

As a non-profit 501c(3) entity, with an educational outreach mission/mandate, we provide space, equipment and personnel (Advisors, Instructors, Interns, etc.) at no charge to anyone. That is who we are and what we do. In addition to what we’ve purchased, much of our equipment has been donated to us precisely because of our non-profit status and stated goals/mission. However, individuals and organizations who make use of the space, resources and synergistic connections we provide, must always acknowledge that they have been assisted, nurtured and enabled by MEDIA MAGIC EVTED@theDoles. Just as we always acknowledge our collaborative relationship with the City of Mount Vernon in all outreach/publicity materials, participating entities must do likewise regarding the Media Magic support relationship. This can be a mutually agreed upon form of a notice or “Credit” attributed to certain products, public forums and/or publicity campaigns: e.g. “in association with...” or “thanks to the support of...” etc. As we provide a supportive “home” with numerous resources at no charge, proper acknowledgement is required/needed to make our relationship reflect that supportive, professional exchange and assistance.

Any “Student,” no matter what age, taking part in any Program housed under the Media Magic umbrella needs to understand and follow the simple rules below (these may be amended from time to time):

a) be on time for all classes, workshops, meetings, etc.

b) alert your primary Instructors/Advisors by phone, text or e-mail if you’ll be late or absent, at least 24 hours ahead if at all possible; if that’s not possible, alert them as soon as you know;

c) unless granted permission to do otherwise, use our lab computers strictly for your Program’s needs as assigned by your Instructors;

d) complete all assigned tasks by the set deadline (unless there’s a reasonable/acceptable excuse for not meeting the deadline);

e) deposit all trash from food/beverages into the large trash receptacle at the end of the hall by the restrooms; our waste receptacles are for non-food/beverage trash only.

NOTE: EVERYONE must conduct themselves with the ultimate courtesy and respect for themselves, each other, and of course the equipment that’s at your disposal.

E V Tait, Jr./Keith Gonzales
Directors, Media Magic EVTED@theDoles

Mission Statement




EVT Educational Productions, Inc., was founded in 1988 with specific goals and missions:

  1. Provide career exposure, motivation, and development for at-risk, disadvantaged students via hands-on, on-the-job exposure and training.
  2. Foster racial, gender and generational harmony via inter generational mentoring and training across sex and race lines, while producing and distributing TV news magazines, documentary, and other educational and entertainment programs that look at our society from a multi-cultural perspective.
  3. Marry video documentary production techniques and training to the distribution outlets/ideas on the Internet, to motivate at-risk urban, suburban, and rural youngsters to “tune in,” “turn on,” and “activate” their own history and culture. In doing so, we equip them to compete with their peers nationally and internationally with the latest technological expertise. We show and teach them that being a provider does infinitely more for their growth, self-esteem and pocketbook than being a consumer.
Our intent was to use our various production projects to accomplish those goals, and we did. “Then I’ll Be Free To Travel Home” and “Every Voice And Sing!” took area high school and college students from Mt. Vernon High, Westchester Community College and primarily New York City’s Lehman College, and gave them excellent hands-on exposure and opportunities. We also subsequently did a pilot social studies curriculum enhancement project with Teachers and Students in Uniondale, New York, and at the AB Davis Middle School in Mt. Vernon, New York. It was an unfunded, strictly volunteer project that was well received by the Teachers and Students involved. It could and should be replicated.

Because the numbers we were able to reach and affect were much too small, we now have a new model and approach for a Project to reach wider numbers in a more sustainable and effective way — a community-based Media Center designed for skills training and to encourage entrepreneurship: Media Magic.

Specific Goals:

Provide media exposure and training: in film production (documentary/narrative) and editing; basic journalism (print and broadcast) to promote more “citizen journalism;” TV studio production/studio operations, and related areas; training in graphic arts/computer graphics; on-line web fluency (web site design/construction and Social Media outreach/marketing) and, of key importance, mobile applications design.

Our Media Magic umbrella will also encompass training and exposure in Theatre/theatrical arts, primarily for young people, but also any interested adults. The aim is to provide not just technical/technological training for possible jobs and careers, but to also foster/inspire a spirit of community empowerment, and an “incubator home” for entrepreneurial ideas and “content.” We’ve now partnered with the City of Mt. Vernon, New York to make this a reality.



EVT Educational Productions, Inc.,

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